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Dry eyes in Harlem

Harlem eye care
Harlem eye care

Dry eyes can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but the good news is that the effect on your eyes is not long term. Your vision and eye health return to normal with treatment, and at Benjamin Optical, we provide expert diagnosis and treatment for dry eyes.

When your eyes are not sufficiently lubricated, you are likely to notice symptoms such as sensitivity to light, eye redness, blurry vision, a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, tired eyes, and discomfort and irritation when wearing your contact lenses. What are the reasons for this lack of lubrication? It could be that your eyes are simply not making enough tears. Or they may be making the right amount, but the quality of them is poor and not up to doing the job. The problem is often made worse from exposure to smoke or wind, or by wearing extended wear contacts. Our Harlem eye care begins with a thorough examination that could include special tests to determine the quality and quantity of your tears. Treatment typically means artificial tears, a form of eye drops that moistens your eyes in the absence of the proper tear production. However, it is also wise to make a few lifestyle adjustments such as wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses out on windy days, avoiding smoke, and maybe investing in one or more humidifiers in your home to keep the air moist and avoid aggravating the situation. If your dry eyes still bother you, or you have frequent recurrences, then our Harlem eye care might recommend a surgical solution. Fortunately, this is not very common.

Dry eyes can be stopped, and all it takes is the help of a specialist. So reach out to our office now and let us arrange a time for you to come in and avail yourself of our Harlem eye care.

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