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Harlem Eye Care

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Living with dry eyes can be more than just a discomfort and an inconvenience. Dry eyes can be caused by a number of things, including the weather, your environment, allergies, as well as underlying conditions you may not be aware of. When it comes to the best in Harlem eye care, we here at Benjamin Optical can provide you with the quality of care that you deserve. If you are suffering from frequent dry eye, we can help find the cause and provide a solution.

Benjamin Optical has three locations – Manhattan, Staten Island and Inwood NY. Operating since 1950, we offer a wide range of different optical services and are always doing what we can to ensure that we have a state-of-the-art facility. If you need care for dry eyes, then our team of expert specialists can help get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms and help find a treatment plan that works best for you. Dry eyes can sometimes be a side effect of winter, whether due to the low temperatures outside or because of indoor heating, which may also be kicking up a lot of remnant dust. Seasonal allergies or allergies to particular particles can also cause dry eyes, but dry eyes can also be a side effect of dehydration as well as dry eye syndrome where the dryness is chronic. Different medicated eye drops, oral medications, and nutritional supplements can all help the effects of dry eye, providing your eyes with the lubricating moisture they need, and in some cases with more effective tears to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy.

When it comes to Harlem eye care, our eye specialists will work with you one-on-one to find the root cause of your dryness and find the perfect medication for your needs. If you are experiencing frequent dry eye, eye discomfort, itchiness, pain or any other unusual sensations, call us here at Benjamin Optical to set up an appointment right away.

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