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Taking care of your eye health and vision health is extremely important, especially for those who already live with vision impairment. Whether you are living with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or other vision problems, it is vital that you schedule regular appointments to make sure that your prescription is up to date and that your glasses are in good working condition. Here at Benjamin Optical, our team of opticians is dedicated to providing you and your family with topnotch eye and vision care. When you visit our Harlem eyewear store, we will check that your prescription is up to date and that your glasses are in the best condition possible.

When it comes to living with vision impairment, it becomes routine to have your eyes checked as regularly as possible. The quality of your vision depends on the shape of your cornea, which is subject to change as you get older and whether you have a previous vision problem or not. For those who do not have any known vision impairment, it becomes more important that they check their vision as they get older to look out for such changes. For those who already have a vision problem, it is possible that your prescription has changed slightly since your last exam or has changed so slowly over time that you have not noticed the difference. But even the most minuscule change in prescription lens magnification can mean a world of clarity. Here at Benjamin Optical, our opticians are here to administer visual acuity tests to make sure that your frames are as up to date as possible. Whether your current prescription is fine or whether you need to update them, our team of committed opticians can also provide you with eyeglass fittings and adjustments.

Even if your current prescription is fine, our opticians here at our Harlem eyewear store can make sure that your glasses fit well and sit properly on your face. If you are looking for a new pair, with a new prescription or with an old but accurate one, our opticians will walk you through our line of designer frames and work with you to find a style and shape that suit you best. Our opticians at Benjamin Optical are here to test your vision and provide eyeglass fittings and adjustments to make sure that you are always seeing at your absolute best.

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