Mott Haven NY eye problems

Mott Haven NY Eye Problems

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If you have any type of eye infection symptoms, it is important that you immediately come in to see our expert optometrist at Benjamin Optical. At our vision practice, you will receive expert treatment for your Mott Haven NY eye problems.

Anyone can get an eye infection, but if you wear contact lenses you are more prone to getting certain types of eye infections that are contact lens-related. However, making sure that you always wash your hands before you touch your eyes or lenses, and making sure that your lenses are disinfected as instructed by our eye doctor, will go a long way toward helping you to prevent getting any type of contact lens-related infection. Additionally, it is good to know that most people wear contact lenses without developing any eye infections. However, there is an increased risk to eye infection when you wear contact lenses. Eye infections from contact lenses can also be more likely if you use extended wear lenses, do not have the best level of tear exchange under the lens, work in certain environmental conditions, or do not keep your hands or lenses clean. The best way to avoid Mott Haven NY eye problems is to follow proper lens care as recommended by our optometrist. You may even want to think about wearing disposable contact lenses which are available for most prescriptions. Keratitis is a very common contact lens infection, and needs to be treated quickly in order to avoid permanent vision problems from occurring. Whenever you are experiencing symptoms of eye infections, such as redness of the eye, eye pain, a discharge from the eye, or blurred vision, you will want to come in to see our eye doctor immediately. Some patients get corneal ulcers, which are caused by germs, viruses, or injury. Symptoms of this can include redness of the eye, eye pain, excessive tearing, a white spot on the cornea, blurred vision or sensitivity to light.

If you are experiencing any type of Mott Haven NY eye problems, contact our office for an appointment immediately.

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